Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Already a trained pilot, when war arrives in Russia, all Anastasia wants is to fight for her country. But when she tries to sign up, she’s sent home and told her role is to train new pilots, not be a fighter herself.  She accepts her duty, but Anastasia’s a daughter of revolutionaries, determined to follow her dreams.

So when her heroine, famous aviator Maria Raskova, announces the creation of a specialist women’s flying unit, Anastasia’s chance to be a fighter pilot finally arrives. But is she ready for everything that that really means?

While the German army sweeps across the Soviet motherland, Anastasia’s forced to confront surprising secrets from both her family’s and her country’s past. And when she finally gets a wartime mission, she’ll have to choose between loyalty to her unit and loyalty to her country…

The atmosphere and setting of World War Two Russia are brought vividly to life through Anastasia: she’s a young woman full of hope and dreams, yet entirely a product of her country and must keep her emotions carefully tucked away. From war and politics to themes of equality, bravery and loyalty, this novella packs a real punch.

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