Fire City

Publisher: Corgi Children's

In this gripping young adult novel, former Booktrust Online Writer in Residence Bali Rai creates a terrifying dystopian view of a civilization which emerges after a world-wide failure of resources, due to population, economic and climate pressures.

In Fire City, the world’s wealthy have created a culture in which dependants – the young, the old and the sick, known as the Unwanted – become the prey of demons employed to police the new regime. 15-year-old Martha is a member of the Fire City resistance, a small band of humans fighting for freedom. When handsome stranger Jonah arrives in Fire City, he exhibits exceptional powers which prove vital in their fight - and he and Martha find their lives colliding.

Within the context of a violent and vivid fantasy this novel explores real issues in our contemporary world, imagining what would happen if some familiar problems and solutions were taken to an extreme conclusion. A disturbing allegory of corruption which will appeal to fans of dystopian fiction.

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