Finn’s Little Fibs

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Finn and his sister Simone have gone to stay at Grandma’s house for the weekend, which is tremendously exciting, because Grandma takes Finn and Simone to have fish and chips on the beach AND lets Finn stay up a whole half an hour later for bed.

Yet, when Finn accidentally breaks Grandma’s clock, he finds himself telling a little fib about how it got broken. And then, because fibbing makes him feel awful, Finn finds he has to do it again and again until the feeling of fibs piling up around him gets overwhelming, and he has to tell the truth. But will Finn be brave enough to tell Grandma what happened? And what will happen when he does?

The latest in Tom Percival’s Big Bright Feelings series is another kind and sensitive story about how little ones can manage the difficult moments – this time, when children find themselves tempted to lie. As with all of Percival’s books, the tone is reassuring and puts the child at ease, both by understanding the emotions at play when something goes wrong, and in guiding the child to a safe outcome.

A lovely book with beautiful illustration – and a useful one to keep handy on the shelf for when fibs may happen, as they often do!

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