Fashion Conscious: Change the World With a Change of Clothes

Publisher: Farshore

Did you know that in the UK alone, over a million tonnes of clothing are thrown away each year? Or that it takes over 200 years for a polyester dress to decompose? Despite this, it’s estimated that we can actually reuse or recycle over 95% of the textiles headed for landfill. But where do you start tackling such a big problem?

This is a clever, practical and stylish book all about the ways fast fashion impacts our planet and what we can do to help. Packed with helpful instructions on how to repair, restyle or recycle clothing, how to spot an ethical company, and where to find brilliant second hand pieces, it’s a must-have guide for fashionistas and eco-warriors alike to ensure that our own personal style doesn’t cost the earth, and an empowering reminder that we can all make a difference.

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