Far From Home

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Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

14 year old Tariro is the beautiful daughter of a tribal chief in Rhodesia. Her life is perfect, living on fertile farmland, surrounded by a loving family and engaged to the most handsome boy in the village. But the year is 1964 and Tariro's world is suddenly torn apart by white settlers laying claim to her native land. As she loses everything she loves Tariro is forced to fight for what is rightfully hers.

36 years later we meet Katie, a white farmer's daughter living a charmed life in what is now Zimbabwe. Surrounded by luxury, Katie is oblivious to the inequalities that make her life so comfortable. The girls' lives, however, are intrinsically linked and as the story unfolds they are gradually drawn together.

This moving tale describes the violent history of Zimbabwe as seen through the eyes of two very different young girls.

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