Fabio the World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective: The Case of the Missing Hippo

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Fabio is not only the world’s greatest flamingo detective, he’s also the new head judge of the local talent show. So when Julia – a fabulous singing hippo – disappears from the stage right in the middle of her audition for the contest, Fabio is immediately on the case. The lights go off, there’s a crash and clash of musical instruments, and when the lights come back on, Julia is gone. How can a hippo just disappear? Did she get nervous and run off? Or has she been kidnapped?

With amazing neon pink and green illustrations that almost jump off the pages, this is a bright and jazzy young reader’s chapter book that will catch even reluctant readers’ attention. The simply told, fun story follows Fabio and his giraffe sidekick Gilbert as they try to get to the bottom not only of Julia’s disappearance, but also some other strange goings on in the town of Laloozee. Will Fabio be able to solve the mystery? Well, he is the world’s greatest flamingo detective after all…

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