Explosive Adventures: The Popcorn Pirates and The Bubblegum Tree

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Two entertaining adventure stories, each featuring plucky protagonists, are contained within one exciting volume.

The Popcorn Pirates is a swashbuckling tale set in the Caribbean. The inhabitants of Popcorn Island rely on the export of their delicious popcorn for their livelihoods, so are dismayed when a shipment is seized by pirates. Lucy, Hermione and Sam bravely intervene but when they are captured, they must rely on their wits to escape.

In The Bubblegum Tree, Billy and Nicola travel to the jungles of India with bubblegum maker Mr Gopal on a quest to discover why his special chewy ingredient has not been delivered. When they learn that the bubblegum trees are being chopped down by a fearsome gang, Billy devises an ingenious plan to save the day. 

With short chapters and well-spaced text, interspersed with black and white line drawings, these humorous tales will delight newly-confident independent readers.

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