Publisher: Flying Eye Books

What do we know about Mount Everest? Probably that it’s the tallest mountain in the world, and that it has been climbed by various well known mountaineers. Though the story includes those facts, Francis & Feng’s Everest is so much more: we learn about its religious significance to the Hindus and Buddhists that live close to it, its legend as the place of Shambhala, a heavenly place of beauty and peace ruled by the benevolent Kalki. We’re also taught about the animals, flora and fauna that are native to Everest, and of the problem of litter on its hard-to-reach planes and peaks.

This is a wonderful, beautiful book with all the trademark elements of Flying Eye Books’ high-quality, original non-fiction books for children, which all have the right level of accessible, interesting text, presented clearly, alongside exemplary design and illustration. 

Children will love this fascinating introduction to Everest, and it’s a particularly useful resource for primary schools who are looking at international features such as mountains in Key Stage 1 and 2.

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