Publisher: Simon & Schuster

In the Unmapped Kingdoms, every 500 years a new phoenix rises, heralding a new era of magic upon which all the kingdoms depend. But instead of a phoenix, Morg, a dark magic creature, has risen and spread a terrible curse over the kingdoms. Only Smudge spots the ominous black-winged creature arrive and thus avoids it’s curse. As the only person left awake, it’s up to her to save the magic and the kingdoms.

Embarking on a dangerous journey across the ocean to Morg’s lair, Smudge must face a myriad of tests and magical creatures that no one else has ever survived. Far from the obvious hero, at school Smudge is disorganised and distracted and struggles to focus or put things down on paper, her head filled with ‘what ifs’ and ‘just maybes’. But it turns out Smudge has always longed to explore the unexplored, to try to achieve the impossible – and that thinking differently is just what’s needed on adventure like this.

In this magical, fantasy adventure Smudge encounters krakens, sea witches, silver whales, turbulent waters, long-lost explorers and Morg herself in her determination to protect the kingdoms. Printed in a dyslexia friendly format and with its own dyslexic hero, Everdark will surely encourage all readers to believe in themselves and in the power of magic.

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