Escape Room

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Publisher: Nosy Crow

Twelve year old Ami can’t wait to get started when she arrives at The Escape Room – she loves puzzles, riddles, and all things brain-bending, and she’s sure she can finish it with her new teammates and their variety of skills.

But this is no ordinary escape room. This seems to be an entire universe of different puzzles ranging from translating hieroglyphics in ancient Mayan tombs, to reading the books in a vanishing library, to hiding from monstrous beasts in a shopping mall; and the consequences of not getting out in time can be quite literally world-ending. Can Ami and her friends beat the clock, find the mysterious Answer, and save the world?

This fast-paced adventure is full of twists and turns, and some seriously tough puzzles for readers to try and work out. There are some big questions about mankind in amongst the tricky games that Ami and her teammates play – and those games can be life or death. A fabulous and thought-provoking read.

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