Emmy Levels Up

Publisher: Oxford

Emmy lives some of the best bits of her life online and in her own head. Emmentine, her fiery avatar, is fearless, feisty and fast, and the gamers on Islandr are in awe of her.

In real life, Emmy feels inadequate, intimidated and uncoordinated. And the cool but cruel new girl Vanessa makes absolutely sure she never gets to feel anything else. Vanessa has even got Emmy’s oldest friend to turn against her.

But then along comes Geek Gang: a lunchtime computer club where the size of your house or the make of your trainers doesn’t matter. And, very slowly, Emmy and the other geeks come to realise that what makes them different also gives them strength.

This is a hard-hitting yet empowering exploration of the toxic effects of bullying, not just on those who are targeted but also on those who are too afraid to challenge cruel behaviour for fear of becoming victims too.

Emmy’s story will appeal to anyone who has ever been belittled by a bully or has found comfort with fellow gaming enthusiasts, either online or face to face.

Ultimately uplifting and life-affirming, Emmy’s story is funny, touching and a really good read.

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