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Publisher: Andersen Press

Elmer the patchwork elephant is delightfully, colourfully different to all the other elephants and he’s usually the one who makes everyone laugh. Yet, one day, Elmer starts to feel like the odd one out and so leaves the elephants to go off on his own. Finding a berry bush, Elmer shakes the berries from the tree and rolls in them until he’s covered all over in their purply-grey juice. Now he’s elephant colour, Elmer can return to the herd and fit in unnoticed – unfortunately, it’s rather boring being like everyone else and Elmer can’t help his irrepressible nature getting the better of him.

The first book in David McKee’s iconic series about a friendly, fun elephant and his adventures, Elmer is a true ambassador of inclusion, acceptance and celebrating difference. Though he might temporarily want to be just like all the other grey elephants, Elmer realises that being his own colourful self is far more enjoyable – and everyone loves him, just the way he is.

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