Ellie Pillai is (almost) in love

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Publisher: Faber & Faber

Fifteen-year-old Ellie Pillai is going out with Ash, the boy she’s adored for ages. He’s gorgeous, he loves music like her and he’s really into Ellie. But when she says she loves him by accident, he doesn’t reply. And now his beautiful ex-girlfriend and her mum are staying with Ash’s family. What is going on? Then, on a family trip to New York, Ellie runs into Shawn from school, who invites her to sing in his band. And who is undeniably attractive too…

Meanwhile, though Ellie’s friend Jess is loved up with her girlfriend, Hayley seems to be unhappy. And Ellie’s Granny has come to live with them, with her traditional Sri Lankan views on food and partners and clothing. Why is Ellie’s life so complicated?

This sequel to Ellie Pillai is Brown continues the pitch-perfect snapshot of teenage life. Romance, friends, family – all are more complicated than at first glance, but Ellie is getting better at navigating everything, by remaining true to herself. Themes of eating disorders, racism, being there for your friends, and positive LGBT representation are expertly woven together in a compelling – and moving – narrative. There’s much humour too, and QR codes to listen to Ellie’s songs. Contains a scene of under-age drinking, and some kissing.

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