Eliza and the Moonchild

Publisher: Andersen Press

Moonchild gazes wistfully at the multi-coloured Earth from the monochrome moon. Then one night, he zooms Earth-wards. It's scarily dark, but Earth-girl Eliza encourages him to wait for morning.

A yellow sun rises in a perfect blue sky; there are red flowers, green trees and purple butterflies; Moonchild is overwhelmed. Eliza paints the beautiful, dawning world then gives Moonchild her paintbox.

Back on the moon, Moonchild and his mother cover their white walls with dazzling colours, while on Earth, Eliza wonders what he's doing.

This lyrical story of an unlikely friendship is beautifully told and the haunting, delicately-coloured illustrations affirm the beauty of colour and our need for its warmth, whether in the things that surround us or in our emotional lives.

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