Eleanor's Eyebrows

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Eleanor declares her eyebrows are two silly, scruffy, hairy, little bits of fluff. They are deeply offended and that night, slide off her face to find a new, more appreciative home. At first Eleanor doesn't miss them - unlike more useful parts of her face , she can't cross them, waggle them, pick them or stick them out. But when Eleanor notices lots of squiggly, crazy and amazing eyebrows, she wants hers back. But Eleanor's eyebrows are experimenting with life as a magician's moustache, lady beetles' handwarmers and tyres on a stick insect's motorbike. Will they ever come home?

This is a delightfully silly and endearing tale of a little girl learning to accept her own appearance. With illustrations by David Tazzyman, of Mr Gum fame, it is certain to make children giggle.

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