Eating Chips with Monkey

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

Daniel loves eating fish and chips. In fact, he loves it so much that he and his family are on a mission to find the best fish and chip shop in town. But then one trip is interrupted by a terrible accident...

In the aftermath, Daniel finds solace in his soft toy Monkey but withdraws from his family, who start to fall apart. Will a jaunt around the country to visit the best ever chip shops help to bring them all back together?

Eating Chips with Monkey is a moving exploration of trauma, gently investigating how a single incident can have a huge ripple effect on entire families.

But it's also full of humour and warmth and you'll find yourself falling for Daniel and his family; whether it's Dad's free spirit and determination or the unconditional love Daniel's sister Megan has for him, even at the toughest moments. 

Daniel, who is on the autism spectrum, is also sensitively drawn, from his imaginary relationship with Monkey to the way he describes his feelings as colours. You'll be rooting for him to find his way back to his family and begin to process what has happened to him. 

But be warned: you will definitely be hungry for chips after reading this...

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