Dust Road

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Centuries from now, the world as we know it has been decimated. Tainted by pollution and greed, much of it has been swallowed by rising sea levels and what remains is oily, dusty and filthy. Earth’s remaining inhabitants have split into distinct tribes, each struggling for survival in a world of diminishing resources.

In the deserts of North America,  an enigmatic band of brothers known only as The Five are recruiting angry and starving migrants who are drawn to a promise of order, predictability and an end to the chaos of their lives. But the way of The Five means war is inevitable.

Kara and her little brother Joe are committed pacifists but do they really stand a chance of diverting a seemingly unstoppable chain of events?

This post-apocalyptic thriller is more nuanced than just a story of good versus evil. In a tale of conflict, bravery and ruthless ambition, we are asked the question: can necessity, inequality and self-preservation dictate whether something is right or wrong?

Fans of Floodworld will be thrilled by this exciting, thought-provoking sequel while readers new to the series will get the most from it if they read the books in the correct order.

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