Dreamer Ballerina

(2 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Chicken House

A dance story with a difference, Dreamer Ballerina tells the story of small town girl Casey Quinn, who just can’t keep her toes from tapping.

She dreams of being a real dancer with the New York City Ballet Company, but how will she ever get there when she can’t afford proper ballet lessons like the local rich girls, and instead of satin ballet slippers she only has dirty old high-tops?

But in spite of all the obstacles that lie ahead of her, Casey remains passionately determined to follow her dreams, and with a little help from family and friends, she soon finds herself setting off for bright lights and adventure in New York.

Set in the 1960s and exploring the world of modern dance, Dreamer Ballerina is a quirky and enjoyable tale with a pleasingly feisty heroine: funny, moving, heartwarming and bittersweet.

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