Dread Wood: Fear Ground

Publisher: Farshore

It’s been a while since a mismatched group of friends had to work as a team to escape a hoard of mutant beasts and they are just starting to think all danger is passed and they can begin to enjoy themselves again.

Maybe by playing Flinch; the latest craze in school. Playing is obligatory once the music starts and points are scored for scaring people. But something is going wrong; kids are getting obsessed and some creepy new players in weird clown masks seem to be taking things far too seriously.  

Time for Angelo and his friends to investigate further; but are they getting in too deep to keep themselves safe?

In this follow-up to Dread Wood, which can be read as a stand-alone story, the adrenaline is pumping again as old enemies resurface to threaten the lives and sanity of a feisty group of teenagers.

A great introduction to horror fiction, the Dread Wood books are also infused with funny moments that provide welcome relief from the tension and drama of the main action. The inclusive set of characters each have personal challenges but it is in their acceptance of one another that they find their strength.

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