Dragons of the Prime: Poems About Dinosaurs

Publisher: The Emma Press

If you see the fossilised remains of a dinosaur in a book or museum, what does it make you think about?

Perhaps you wonder what the creature looked like when it was alive. Maybe it had scales or feathers. And could it have been brown, purple, yellow or green?

Or perhaps you wonder where it lived, or how it died. Or who found it and how excited, puzzled or surprised they felt. Maybe you try to imagine how challenging it must have been to reassemble the bones into a complete skeleton – a bit like doing a gigantic jigsaw puzzle without a picture.

Although budding palaeontologists will love this captivating poetry collection, no interest in prehistoric life is necessary to experience the joy, humour, poignancy and sheer wonderment contained in its pages.

This stunning anthology is complemented by an inspiring end-section of "Bonus Bits" that gives extensive workshop ideas for writing your own dinosaur-themed poems and introduces each of the (almost 40) contributing poets.

This collection would make a great addition to any home library but is also a superb teaching tool for Key Stage 2 pupils.

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