Dogs in Disguise

Publisher: HarperCollins

It is probably a surprise for everyone that dogs wear disguises, but in fact, as this book assures us, fashion-forward red setters are roaming our streets in their trendy outfits, shih-tzus are cannily competing in jujitsu matches under our very noses, and puppies are disguising themselves as gnus to get into the zoo. Who knew?

In this brilliantly funny rhyming picture book, lots of silly dogs in even sillier costumes demonstrate their wily ways, blending in (or not) to their environments like the doggy geniuses they are. John Bond’s illustration is absolutely hilarious, featuring really relatable expressions on the dogs’ faces and a lovely wealth of costume detail that will have readers spotting more every time they read.

This is an extremely well-crafted and fun story time book that will have children asking for repeat reads again and again, and the vocabulary and pictures are sophisticated enough to amuse adults reading and help develop children’s language development too.

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