Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo!

Publisher: Red Fox

A little boy receives a letter through the post - he's won a prize and gets to run the zoo for a day! But when he arrives, the zoo seems rather odd, and the keeper is in a great hurry to leave for his holiday. He soon realises that the zoo is a mess, the creatures are misbehaving - and then he discovers the terrible Squirgal, who likes nothing more than to gobble up children. Can our young hero take on a Monster Zoo full of naughty creatures - and survive to tell the tale?

The pages of this picture book are crammed with all manner of fabulous and fearsome imaginary beasts, from the growling Grimblegraw and unexpectedly cute furry Furbles, to the burping Purple Gurps and of course, the scary Squirgal itself. Amy Sparkes' lively rhyming text is lovely to read aloud, whilst Sara Ogilvie's illustrations really make this book stand out: the former  Booktrust Best New Illustrator brings the beautifully laid-out pages to life with her stylish images bursting with colour and energy.

Little monsters everywhere are sure to adore this tale of weird and wonderful creatures getting up to mischief!

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