Dinosaurs on Kitten Island

Publisher: Farshore

There are three dinosaurs on Dinosaur Island who are utterly bored, so they’ve decided to take a trip across the ocean to Kitten Island. The level-headed narrator warns the dinos against their dangerous plans, but they pay no attention and head off to find some feline friends.

But these aren’t normal kittens, these kittens love to tumble and crash and launch things into the air – things like dinosaurs. Uh oh! Will the dinosaurs survive this cat-astrophic playdate or will they become extinct?

Dino and kitten lovers will both love this cheeky picture book from author-illustrator Michael Slack, in which there are plenty opportunities for little ones to interact with the book and join in with warning the dinosaurs of the dangers ahead.

The bright and bold illustrations really help tell the story, with some pages featuring just a few words. This is a great discussion opportunity and gives children the chance to guess/explain what they think is happening.

While being a deliciously funny story with a mischievous twist, the messages of celebrating friendship, creativity and compromise shine through.

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