Diary of a Time Traveller

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

Augustus falls asleep in Professor Tempo's history class and she's not happy: history is fascinating, not something to snooze through! She gives Augustus a magic diary; inscribing any historical date and place within will transport him there. So begins a whistle-stop voyage through time.

Augustus witnesses humankind's first fire in Africa; the Coliseum being built, Columbus reaching America and the first Japanese bullet train. He learns about Chaucer, Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie, Emmeline Pankhurst and other creative, inventive humans. Final stop: the moon, Augustus' curiosity about the past - and the future - now insatiable!

Graphically striking, generous page-spreads immerse you in different periods, Augustus' diary describes each occasion and Professor Tempo adds extra facts. Informative and beautiful, if, of necessity, selective.

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