Dear Ugly Sisters and Other Poems

Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

Have you ever wondered what Cinderella might have written in a farewell note to the Ugly Sisters? Or what your mirror would say to you if it could talk? And thought about how bad Rapunzel might smell after years of being locked up in a tower without a shower? Well, look no further – the answers to these and other worrisome questions can be found in this remarkable poetry collection.

While many poems will have you sniggering into your cornflakes, especially those looking at well-known folk and fairy tales from a new perspective, others are more reflective and insightful.

The Land of Blue steps into the space inhabited by sadness and low mood, Bottled Up explores the consequences of not acknowledging or sharing difficult feelings and How Long Until I Can See My Mum? addresses the plight of the thousands of refugee children separated from their parents after entering the USA. There is even a poem, Dear Key Workers, written in collaboration with children from around the world during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.   

All poems are complemented and energised by black and white illustrations and many could act as catalysts for discussion of personal and social issues.

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