Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths

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Publisher: Piccadilly Press

Danny Chung loves art. Unfortunately, everyone else thinks he should love maths. His parents want him to live up to their dreams, and his classmates think everyone who is Chinese is naturally good at maths. Then his grandmother arrives from China, and she and Danny have to share a bedroom. It feels like a catastrophe, but could funny, intelligent Nai Nai turn out to be his best friend?

This warm, witty book is full of unforgettable characters and a hilarious plot. Danny is a realistic boy who doesn’t conform to stereotypes. Some people may still think that boys can only engage with books that are heavy on action and light on emotion, but boys have feelings too and will love books like this if they come across them. They certainly need these books to show them boys who are sensitive, vulnerable and affectionate, like they are.

The story deals with British East/Southeast Asian prejudice in a way that readers in primary school can easily understand, and explores links between maths and art in an inspiring way.

This is a rewarding read for boys and girls of any background, especially those who are tired of being stereotyped.

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