Danger Really Is Everywhere

Publisher: Puffin

Respected Dangerologist Docter Noel Zone is back with more incredibly important ways to alert you to the imminent dangers that are all around.

When Noel becomes a temporary school chef, he realises that school is ridiculously full of danger that has to be neutralised IMMEDIATELY. Chairs should be replaced with beanbags to ensure daydreaming children don't topple off them, and it's important to ascertain that new students aren't savage animals in disguise. But when it transpires that there's a bike thief at the school, Noel has to employ all his Dangerology skills to catch the wrongdoer – including an impressive disguise as a bin.

It can't be overstated just how funny the Dangerology books are. Combining completely anarchic, original humour with a brilliant concept that takes a wry look at our modern fear of danger and (some might say) obsession with health and safety, David O'Doherty is a fantastically talented comic writer. Fun (and not at all dangerous) for all, especially kids that think they don't like books - they'll definitely love this one.

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