D-Day Dog

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Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Jack’s favourite things are his dog, Finn, and playing war-themed videogames with his dad, who’s an army reservist. He’s excited about the school trip to Normandy and the class project on World War II. War and being a soldier seem like really exciting things.

As the class begins the research for their project, though, Jack’s perceptions are questioned at every turn. First there’s the new girl Kassandra, a Syrian refugee, who wants to research a civilian – but war is about soldiers, not civilians, right? Then his dad gets called up and his mum is really unhappy about it – but shouldn’t she be excited and proud for Jack’s dad? And when Jack’s asked to research D-Day soldier Emile Corteil and learns about what happened to him and his dog, Jack’s whole idea of war is turned inside-out.

As the school trip approaches, Jack has to try and figure out his feelings on war and soldiers and what it all means.

Inspired by a real-life soldier and events, Tom Palmer carefully introduces the grey lines and different perspectives of war, peeling away the layers for the readers and Jack alike. A highly thought-provoking book, printed in a dyslexia friendly format.

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