Cruel Summer

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Publisher: Indigo

Aspiring actor Ryan likes to thinks of his life as a TV show, with himself in the leading role. Spending the summer with his old school friends at Katie's luxurious Mediterranean villa is his very own 'feature length holiday special' - but more importantly, it will be a time to reconnect with the rest of the gang. After all, he hasn't seen any of them since the end of last year, when their friend Janey tragically committed suicide. Surely a holiday in the sun will give them a chance to put their memories of Janey's death behind them and move on? 

But almost as soon as they arrive in Spain, Ryan begins to feel troubled. Then a new guest unexpectedly arrives, claiming to have evidence that Janey's death wasn't suicide at all - in fact, it was murder. When she is found floating in the swimming pool the next morning - dead - it becomes clear that she was right. The killer can only be one of them - but who is it? And will they strike again?

Blending shades of Point Horror and classic Agatha Christie murder mysteries with a hint of teen soaps like The OC, this is an enjoyable, and occasionally tongue-in-cheek psychological thriller. With a lively cast of characters, each with their own unexpected secrets to hide, plenty of twists and turns and a glamorous Mediterranean setting, this is an entertaining and accessible mystery that will keep readers guessing as they try to work out 'whodunnit'. A perfect poolside summer read.

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