Croc and Bird

(2 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Random House

Two eggs lie side-by-side on a sandy beach: one hatches to reveal a crocodile and the other a bird. The two creatures grow up together as brothers - Crocodile learns to sing and tries to fly, while his brother, Bird, learns to float in the sea and bask in the sun.

The pair's friendship changes when they are carried by the river to a lake and meet with a host of other crocodiles and birds.  Realising their differences, Crocodile and Bird feel they must bid each other goodbye and attempt to live with the others of their kind. However, they are not happy and soon they realise that some ties are unbreakable...

This picturebook, from one of Booktrust's 2008 Best New Illustrators, is a charming tale of friendship and the meaning of family. Deacon's illustrations are sophisticated and his washes of colour beautiful, his turquoise Bird is a particular visual treat.

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