Crimson Poison

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Nat lives aboard a junk boat with her guardian, Jamuka, in a futuristic Hong Kong. She is the heiress to her parents' vast gaming empire, which is worth millions - a fact that has not escaped her greedy aunt's attention. When Jamuka is called away to Mongolia on urgent family business, Aunt Vera swoops in, determined to become Nat's legal guardian.

Armed with her robot dragon Fizz, and with help from her best friend Wen and cousin Henry, Nat sets off to find her guardian, hoping she can discover who is poisoning his clan, then bring him home again.

Details are what bring futuristic worlds to life, and Crimson Poison is bursting with them: from hover boards and pet robots to clothes that can broadcast films. The excitement and adventure jumps off every page, gripping the reader right to the end. A great read.

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