Publisher: Faber Children's

This imaginative dystopian novel is set in Arras, in which the powerful Guild of Twelve controls food, jobs, houses and population, ensuring that undesirables are removed. The Guild also govern the Spinsters who weave and maintain Arras’ fabric on their looms. The Creweler wields ultimate power, creating raw materials for the looms.

Adelice has a dangerous gift – she doesn’t need a loom to weave realities into existence. As her Spinster training commences, she realises how fabricated Arras is; beyond its rigidly policed boundaries lies the abandoned Earth. Destined to become the next Crewler, should Adelice comply, or join with the enigmatic, handsome Jost, and escape this constricting society?

Struggling to retain her individuality within this repressive regime, Adelice’s progress from innocence into horrified realisation leads her through dark, violent networks of power, lust and - unexpectedly - love, at Arras’ heart.

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Author: Veronica Roth

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