Courage Out Loud

Publisher: Quarto (Wide Eyed Editions)

This inspiring and dynamic poetry collection from Children’s Laureate Joseph Coelho is about courage in lots of different forms. Not only are there poems about courage – from facing a fear or setting a boundary to trying something new – it also guides children on how to be brave through poetry, whether that’s through performing a poem aloud or having a go at writing their own.

The witty and original poems in this book have been written not just to entertain but to help young readers feel empowered and find their own voice. There are little introductions at the beginning of each poem to describe a different aspect of bravery or a different type of poem, as well as gentle prompts for children to get involved. In his classic style, Joseph Coelho offers up brilliantly imaginative rhyme and verses alongside guidance, which is fun, accessible and non-judgemental.

We love how the gorgeous, expressive illustrations have been created to complement the theme, tone and feel of each poem. In a poem called ‘Diving’ – about the first time the poet faced a fear jumping from a high diving board – we look at a swimming pool as if we too are looking down from above. There is lots of variety in style and length, meaning it can be dipped in and out of and will suit children reading either alone or with a group. This is also a brilliant resource for teachers, especially for helping children to build confidence.

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