Corpse Talk: Dead Good Storytellers

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Corpse Talk, the 'show that brings the dead famous to life' is a highly amusing and clever graphic novel/comic style book that introduces the reader to historical figures in a fresh and funny way.

In this episode, storyteller and host Adam Murphy has resurrected 15 real-life writers from the grave to chat to. Each interviewee recounts snippets of their lives and the details of what made them famous, followed by a super-condensed retelling of one of their most renowned works.

It’s a smart, funny and innovative approach to history and the classics, and also great for dipping in and out of. The comic book style really brings the tales to life, and there’s lots of added humour in the pictures.

The featured storytellers are arranged in chronological order, from the priestess poet Enheduanna (who lived in the 23rd century BCE) to the 20th century’s Beatrix Potter. Readers can dip in to The Canterbury Tales, discover how novelist Alexandre Dumas was inspired by the real-life adventures of his father, a Black general in Napoleon’s army, or get a taste of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

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