Coming to England

Publisher: Macmillan

Floella Benjamin is a much-loved writer, actress and presenter, who was made a Baroness in the House of Lords in 2010 and is an ambassador for the welfare and education of children. This moving and insightful memoir documents her childhood, from her birth in Trinidad in 1949 to her move to Britain in 1960 as part of the Windrush generation, and explores how these experiences have shaped her life.

Floella writes eloquently about growing up on a Caribbean island with her parents and five siblings, wonderfully evoking a sense of sunshine, love and laughter. She also speaks candidly of the hostile reception she receives on arrival in Britain, where she is seen as a colour rather than a person, and shows great resilience, determination and courage when facing this discrimination.

This moving tale not only explores a key part of British history from a child’s perspective, but also highlights the importance of celebrating diversity and welcoming new people into the community. It is an inspirational read for children who may have had similar experiences and is ideal to encourage compassion and tolerance in young people. This edition is accompanied by vibrant watercolour illustrations which help bring the tale to life.

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