A lift-the-flap fairy tale

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Flaps to lift on every page bring the classic story of Cinderella to life in this funny and lively rhyming picture book. Open the invitation to the Royal Ball, see the Fairy Godmother appear in a puff of smoke, and watch Cinderella's pumpkin magically turn into a magnificent coach!

As usual, Nick Sharratt’s illustration bursts with colour and detail, and children will revel in its joyful chaos. The style is especially suited to portraying a double act like the mean stepsisters and all their greedy excess: they overflow in fabric and jewels and their messy bedrooms are stuffed full of tossed-side objects. There’s a nice contemporary feel to this Cinderella, with those objects including trainers and a hair dryer. 

Despite that, this is a solid take on the fairy tale that does not try to reinvent the wheel. It will feel wonderfully familiar to those who know the story and an exciting introduction to very young ones who do not.

Only at the very end, do Nick Sharratt and Stephen Tucker subvert the tale just a bit – there’s a happier ending with those sisters (the sisters become bridesmaids and wish the couple well) and Cinderella vows never to do all the cooking and cleaning again… In this version of Cinderella, Prince Charming VERY much shares the household chores!

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