Cheeky Monkey

(2 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Hodder

A cute little red monkey wants to play, but nobody wants to play with her! Enthusiastically asking her friends to play, Monkey manages to get paint on Zebra’s tail, steal Giraffe’s lunch and barge ahead of the meerkats on the slide – not to mention waking Lion up from his nap. Oh dear! It looks like monkey has to say those two little words: I’m sorry. Fortunately, saying sorry has a brilliant effect and monkey soon finds that everyone wants to play with a monkey that plays nicely.

Another super picture book from Zehra Hicks has lovely bold illustrations and blocky bold text with minimal words, perfect for toddlers who are just starting to learn how to be a good playmate. Little ones might well recognise all monkey’s actions, from pushing in, not taking turns, taking other people’s things and not being gentle, but it’s a fun book rather than a moralistic one, with plenty of opportunities to call out, name the animals and make noises.

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