Chasing the Dark

(2 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Chicken House

Joe's mum is dead - killed in a car crash, along with a man he's never heard of. Forced to leave his home on the estate and go and live with his unwelcoming aunt in the country, he is angry and alone. But then, whilst out walking his dog, he stumbles upon a local mansion: a mysterious glass house that once belonged to a movie star but was abandoned after a murder. Here, he encounters Yuri, and soon finds himself on a trail of secrets and lies that will lead him into serious danger- but might also help him discover the truth about what happened to his mum.

This page-turning adventure story is well-paced and full of surprises. Hailing from a believably underprivileged, inner-city background, straight-talking Joe is an appealing hero, drawing on all his courage and determination, to overcomie numerous obstacles and find the answers he needs. Aiding him in his quest to uncover the truth are an engaging cast of characters, including old friend Bailey, smart, streetwise Nina, a kindly professor, and most importantly, Joe's beloved dog Oz. An excellent contemporary detective story, Chasing the Dark will appeal to both boys and girls.

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