Chasing Danger

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Publisher: Scholastic

When 14-year-old Chase Armstrong is sent to visit her grandmother on a remote tropical island, the last thing she expects is danger. She thinks it's going to be the most boring holiday, ever – but she's in for a big surprise.

When modern-day pirates attack the resort, it’s up to Chase and her new friend Mackenzie to save themselves, her grandmother and the entire island, too. But on an island with no Wi-Fi or mobile signal, how will they get help?

Chasing Danger is an exciting and high-action mystery thriller, full of twists and turns. Chase is a lot of fun – with a dad in the military, she’s grown up being trained in self-defence and is more interested in racing bikes than shoes and dresses. The friendship between Chase and Mackenzie is full of sparks, and there are some funny moments to enjoy amid all the action, both of them tackling questions of identity and family alongside a series of life-or-death situations.

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