Charlie Morphs Into a Mammoth

(6 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Puffin

Animals are going missing all over town. Whether it’s children’s pets, or exotic specimens from the zoo, there are reports of disappearances on the news almost every day. There is definitely something very strange going on.

Thank goodness Charlie McGuffin has the weirdest super power ever! Surely his ability to change into animals means he can get to the bottom of the mystery? But school bully, Dylan, has other plans and soon the evidence pointing to Charlie as the animal-napper is piling up.

Can Charlie solve the mystery and clear his name before Dylan exposes his secret to the world?

Even the most reluctant of readers is likely to be sucked in to the latest of Charlie’s hilarious misadventures. In a story packed with angry letters from young readers, hilarious footnotes and jokes about poo and bare bottoms there are equally comical pen and ink illustrations.

But, as with the previous two Charlie books, there are more serious themes underlying the laugh-a-minute plot. As our reluctant superhero learns to manage his own feelings and anxieties amidst the breakdown of his parents’ relationship, he also discovers that he and Dylan have more in common than he realised.

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