Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species

Publisher: Puffin

How do we know about the similarities and variations between pigeons, about our relationship to primates, about how species survive in the wild and about the origins of life itself? The answers to all these questions were found by Charles Darwin in his life of scientific research and travel.

Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of Species is one of science’s most important texts, which altered human knowledge of life on Earth. Sabina Radeva, a natural biologist, illustrator and designer, has now retold the book in an accessible picture book form for children, and it’s brilliant.

Explaining difficult concepts like natural selection, epigenetics and species differentiation and migration for children isn’t easy, but Radeva has made a book that is as beautiful as it is informative, and appropriate for upper primary school children.

Using her illustration to help explain Darwin’s discoveries, Radeva takes us through a scientific journey of wonder at the natural world, explaining, for instance, why some Devonshire ponies are born with stripes like zebras, and how human eyes might have evolved over millions of years to become the complex organ it is today.

A fantastic addition to any child’s collection or school library.

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