Cats: Understanding Your Whiskered Friend

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Publisher: Andersen Press

Libby the cat lives with her owner Miss Lewis, who adopted her as a stray. She has a great life, going out at night to explore the neighbourhood and coming back to snooze, followed by her daily routine – breakfast, toilet, playing, going outside, sniffling and snuffling – and plenty of cuddles, of course.

This enjoyable read is a mix of a fictional story about Libby the cat and her life with Miss Lewis, intertwined with facts and information about cats from author Dr John Bradshaw, a biologist with a special interest in cats. Throughout Libby’s story, Dr John tells us all about the different types of cats you can have as a pet, ideas for interesting toys, why cats may get anxious about their toilet habits, why they miaow, what and how they like to eat – and much more.

A perfect read for anyone with a cat for a pet, or for a child interested in becoming a cat owner, Cats: Understanding Your Whiskered Friend is a genuinely fascinating read. Cheery black and white cartoon-style pictures by Clare Elsom are peppered throughout Libby’s story, bringing a sense of fun as well as highlighting useful information.

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