Catching Teller Crow

Publisher: Penguin


Beth Teller's on the road with her dad, a police detective who's just been assigned a new case in the rural outback. But Beth is a ghost. Her dad's the only person who can see her, and his grief over her death is tearing him apart. She's determined to help him and hopes this case will help. There's been a fire, a dead body discovered, and a single witness. But when they arrive, it soon becomes clear the town is hiding some very dark secrets...

Part ghost story, part mystery, part horror, Catching Teller Crow is incredibly powerful and emotive. It seamlessly interweaves Beth's tale with that of the witness, Isobel Catching who, drawing on the tales of her Aboriginal ancestors, recounts through verse a chilling story of glass-eyed monsters.

Themes of race and the treatment of Aboriginal peoples interweave with those of grief and letting go, but without ever becoming overbearing as the story's focus is solidly on Beth and Isobel and the mystery at the heart of the town.

Recommended for readers 12+ because of the difficult secret revealed between the lines of Isobel's story, this is a beautifully told, outstanding and thought-provoking novel. 

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