Publisher: Alanna Max

Kiona and Mummy are playing catch in the garden on a hot sunny day. First, Kiona tries to catch a large yellow ball, but it’s too big so they try and find something else to catch. But a berry ends up being far too small, an apple is too hard, and the bubbles from bath time disappear!  

It doesn’t take long for Kiona to get very frustrated with herself and she wonders if she’ll ever catch anything. Luckily, Mummy knows there is a very special something Kiona can always catch... 

This is a joyful and heartwarming picture book that celebrates the magic of everyday moments between parent and child while also encouraging perseverance. 

The simple, repetitive text from award-winning author Trish Cooke is brought to life by Ken Wilson-Max's signature bright and bold illustrations. 

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