Catch Us if You Can-Can!

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

The stars of Alex T. Smith’s dinner-time crime Egg are back in a sparkly sequel. Foxy Dubois is down on her luck and desperate to dance, but the local competition is only open to birds and she needs to win that golden egg prize. She’ll need a clever disguise and the perfect partner to seal the deal. Despite being a dastardly villain, Alphonso the Alligator is surprisingly light on his toes so when he agrees to be part of her cunning plan it seems nothing can stand in their way.

There are jokes here for both adults and children, as Smith blends the glamour and style of the crime capers of times past with a seriously silly story.  Even the page of publication information is crammed with clever puns that are sure to raise a smile with parents (co-starring Hen Goodman and Alesha Chickson), while the image of an alligator stuffed into a tutu, or using knickers as a parachute, will guarantee giggles from younger readers. Smith is particularly good with pattern and colour, and the theatre-setting and dance costumes really show off his skills. A glorious picture book that is as loud and zany as…well, as an alligator dancing in a sequinned skirt. Encore, Encore!

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