Casander Darkbloom and the Threads of Power

Publisher: Walker Books

Every day Casander wakes up outside a curiosity shop and doesn’t remember where he is from. All he knows is that he sometimes experiences random surges of energy in his legs. When he brings a stuffed raven back to life, and is pursued by several men, a girl named Warrior takes him to another world.

The Balance Lands is a world of strange powers – and Cas turns out to have both Lifemaker and Deathmaker powers, and to be the Foretold, the one who will defeat the evil Master of All. Cas and his new friends learn how to control their powers at the Wayward School. But what will happen when he has to fight the Master of All? 

This is the first in a new fantasy series, dealing in familiar tropes – magical schools, being the chosen one, found family – but with a fresh twist. The author herself grew up with an unexplainable movement condition, known as Paraoxysmal Kinesigenic Choreoathetosis, and has created a protagonist who is neither defined by, nor held back by this condition. There is further disability representation amongst Cas’s friends, too. 

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