Carnival of the Lost

Publisher: Faber

Sheba has always been different. Covered in hair, with amber eyes and sharp teeth and nails, she's sharing her body with a wolf – and when she loses control, the wolf breaks free.

Sold to the owner of a London carnival show, she finally meets some kindred spirits, from Gigantus the giant to knife thrower Sister Moon. But soon the group discover that there's something lurking in the Thames, and it's kidnapping children...

Sheba and her new friends embark on an adventure to rescue the missing mudlarks, but will they be able to crack a dastardly mystery involving clockwork creations, the Great Exhibition and ruthless villains?

And will Sheba ever be able to find out where she came from – and where she belongs?

Carnival of the Lost is a page-turning riot that brings Victorian London to life in all its gruesome, grimy glory. Kieran Larwood's brilliant writing is so evocative that you can practically smell the streets, and it's easy to get swept up in the story and lose track of time.

With fabulous illustrations from Sam Usher and witty notes explaining the historical titbits mentioned in the story, get ready for a wild, energetic ride that's impossible to resist.

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