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Publisher: OUP Oxford

Ross McAllister has just robbed a bank, is on the run and must get to London with £100,000 by Wednesday or his brother will die. But when he steals a car, the last thing he expects is to find 12-year-old genius Jack in the back seat. Jack is shocked too, and even though he knows it's a bad idea, he decides to stay and help Ross. London is hundreds of miles away, the police are hot on their trail, and the clock is ticking...

This fast-paced crime thriller perfectly balances action against emotional and moral dilemmas. As Jack and Ross race across the country, they find their lives in increasing danger. But should Ross be following a blackmailer's demands? And should Jack be helping Ross, or should he go straight to the police? Car-Jacked is a real page-turner of a book, with a nail-biting conclusion.

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