Candypop: Candy and the Broken Biscuits

Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

The story of a girl, a guitar, a guardian angel and a long-lost father. The girl is Candy Caine: in her dreams she's storming Glastonbury; in reality she doesn't even have a band, and her lovely, eccentric mum is marrying terminally boring Ray.

But when mum and Ray give her the Beast – a battered old Gibson guitar - Candy’s first chord not only unleashes Clarence B Major, an unexpected fairy god-brother, but also her desire to track down her Bio-Dad; is he global mega-star, Nathan Oxblood? Can she infiltrate Glastonbury to meet him, even if this means missing mum’s wedding...?

This is light, absorbing reading, deftly done, combining great characters, developing friendships, first love, magic and music, accompanied with a dry humorous tone.

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