Can You Find My Eid Presents?

Publisher: Scholastic

It's the day before Eid, and Mummy needs help. She asks Hana to get the Eid presents from her room.

But Hana can't find them. They're not in the wardrobe, they're not in the bathroom. They're not even in the shed! Eid won't be special without presents. What will Hana do?

A delightful picture book that will have the reader rooting for Hana to find the presents. It's refreshing to have an Eid story based around a search-and-find element, rather than the family traditions.

The illustrations are warm and friendly, allowing every child to put themselves in Hana's shoes. No presents – imagine! There are some nice domestic details to spot, too, like the cat who tries to help Hana. A charming picture book for all families.

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